Saikyo-Inn, Kyoto

Haseyan was born and raised in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Kyoto is internationally know for its cultural heritage and living traditions. He wishes the visitors in Japan to experience the profound cultural legacy from the past.

In 2018 Haseyan has opened a Kyoto Machiya (traditional town house) style guest house at the city center of Kyoto.

Since then he has been involving in renovation and management of the guest house.

If you wish to stay in Saiko-inn, you can book the room from these links:
– Saikyo-inn – Beni (Crimson house) 90 sqm / 3 bedrooms
– Saikyo-inn – Sakura (Cherry house) 33 sqm / 1 bedroom
– Saikyo-inn – Ume (Plum house) 33 sqm / 2 bedrooms