Welcome to Canadian Farm! We are situated near Yatsugatake mountain range in Nagano, Japan. We love nature. We have been engaged in organic farming and committed to a sustainable lifestyle since 1982.


In 1982 we started Canadian Farm in order to live a sustainable lifestyle in the countryside of Japan. Our founder Haseyan (Yutaka Hasegawa) had a dream of developing a simple organic and sustainable farm to showcase sustainable living in Japan. Helped by volunteers he built houses, restaurants and recreational facilities, as well as developed acres of land into organic farms.

The structures of Canadian Farm are mainly made of recycled materials. Haseyan’s dynamic designs always seems to emanate a warm homey feel.

The family of Canadian Farm consists of bright, cheerful people from all over the world.

In the middle of the wilderness, they till the fields, grow vegetables, peel bark from logs to build new buildings, cook food and bake cakes. As they work up a sweat while having fun, the day in Canadian Farm passes quickly.

The adventure and dreams of Canadian Farm are still continuing.

From Farm to Table

In our restaurant we use the fresh vegetables, fruits and rice from our farms.

Fresh Mountain Springs

Yatsugatake mountain area is known for the superior quality of its drinking water. The area is known for its fresh mountain springs and a pure water table.


In our restaurant we use the fresh produce, rice, fish and meats  from our farms.
Haseyan’s smoked salmon and smoked ham are widely known even abroad.

Canadian Farm started by selling roasted corn from its stone oven. Ever since, the coals have never cooled.

We have since expanded our menu to gourmet French Canadian cooking, baking our own breads from wheat grown on the farm, and delicious salads and home made herbed butter and much much more. Our food is unique in its freshness and carries the spirit of Canadian Farm.